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HP Envy Curved Gaming PC

While generally across the board work areas — like Dell's XPS 27 and Inspiron 27 7000 All-in-One, HP's $699 Pavilion All-in-One 24, Lenovo's $999 IdeaCentre AIO 730S, and Acer's $1.030 venture centered Veriton Z — riff around Apple's notable across the board iMac by stuffing the PC parts behind a huge screen to ration work area space, HP truly tore separated the shape and manufactured its very own structure predetermination when it made its lovely 34-inch Envy Curve AIO 34. Getting generously from American mid-century current fashioners, similar to George Nelson of Herman Miller acclaim, HP wonderfully made a diversion community for your unassuming work area by isolating the PC segments into a base and suspending the vivid and astonishing 34-inch show in mid-air.
HP Envy Curved 34

Remaining as a glaring difference to the iMac's utilitarian and cold metal structure, the current year's model accompanies wood framing subtleties and gold-cut accents, keen refinements that help the $1,699 Envy Curved AIO 34 compensation closer praise to its mid-century feel. Together, these subtleties not just make for an extravagant work area without depending on advertising terms — like machined unibody aluminum — however assist HP with changing the PC from a cumbersome device for Office assignments into an announcement piece that will welcome discussion in your office.

An amusement place for your work area

You'd be pardoned on the off chance that you mixed up the Envy Curved All-in-One 34 for a minimized TV planned by HP's upmarket Scandinavian sound accomplice Bang and Olufsen, which incidentally additionally gives the tuning to the superb inherent speakers on this work area. Despite the fact that it's to a great extent built from plastic — contrasted with the unibody aluminum shell on the iMac — the Envy Curved 34 still figures out how to look and feel premium, on account of a tough base that is shrouded in an artificial woodgrain complete and metal accents. Given that the Envy 13 workstation is somewhat shrouded in genuine wood, it'd enthusiasm to check whether HP can utilize increasingly normal materials on a future rendition of its AIO work area.

The current year's Envy Curved 34 offers in its quick forerunner's two-piece configuration, enabling HP to isolate the PC segment that is generally taken cover behind the showcase on most AIOs to a prolonged rectangular base that is nearly as wide as the vivid 34-inch board. The outcome is that the PC base takes after a media focus, while the screen, appended to a metal arm, seems like it's suspended noticeable all around like an advanced level screen TV.

Instead of psychologist the PC base, similar to what Microsoft did with the Surface Studio 2, the huge base is as a lot of a plan point of convergence as the massive screen, possessing a 7/8 x 23 5/8-inch impression around your work area. Here, HP has wonderfully mixed mid-century plan — complete with a dull woodgrain finish that can be mistaken for fascinating African Blackwood — and present day innovation into its AIO, and this work area will feel similarly as normal in a C-suite as it would on the work area of amazing planners Charles and Ray Eames from that time.

You'd be pardoned on the off chance that you mixed up the Envy Curved All-in-One 34 for a smaller TV structured by HP's upmarket Scandinavian sound accomplice Bang and Olufsen.

In front, texture covering the quad-speaker soundbar that traverses the whole width of the PC's base gives the Envy AIO warmth and causes this PC to show up all the more welcoming, particularly when contrasted with the cool all-metal iMac structure. Plastic plates, covered in an inconspicuous tint of champagne gold with a glossy silk finish total the look and adds to the upmarket glory of HP's work area plan. The intonations are likewise found on the presentation stand and on the included remote console and mouse, making the entire experience exceptionally durable.

Satisfying its correlations with a home media focus, the Envy Curved 34 is flanked on the front by an enormous quad-speaker soundbar that traverses the whole width of the PC's base, conveying a vivid and clear sound understanding. The soundbar is shrouded in a dotted dim dark texture. Joined with the wood finish, the decision of common looking materials makes the Envy Curved AIO feel hotter and welcoming, making it a solid match for workplaces, homes, or banquet rooms.

To keep up its perfect style, HP concealed the webcam in a module that can fly out in the event that you have to do a video call. By giving you the choice to stow away the webcam when you're not utilizing it, the Envy AIO can keep its smooth look with negligible side bezels while likewise giving you more security.

Bend your eagerness

While the base gives this work area its top notch style, the superstar is the ravishing 34-inch ultra-wide and bended showcase. Not exclusively is the gigantic screen a breathtaking incredible sight, yet the shape separates a portion of the harsher straight edges from the work area's general structure and makes the substance on the showcase progressively vivid.

At the point when tried with Datacolor's Spyder5 Elite screen alignment instrument, the board had the option to replicate 100 percent of the sRGB and 78 percent of the Adobe RGB shading space. Difference and shading extent on the presentation are both phenomenal, and shading exactness is evaluated as awesome when tried. Furthermore, the ultra-wide board makes it simple to have numerous windows opened in a one next to the other game plan, so you don't need to chase for windows that may have been darkened as more applications get propelled for the duration of the day.

The quick drawback is that notwithstanding its size, the Envy Curved AIO's 34-inch screen is topped at a UWQHD goals, supporting 3,400 x 1,400 pixels. We wish a 4K or better ultra-wide show alternative was accessible, yet that would have added to the expense. Given the GPU design, you likely won't drive the pixels here, and gaming likely ought to be restricted to 1080p goals for the best execution, so the downsized goals is not so tricky.

HP Envy Curved 34

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

In case you're getting this framework to watch recordings, you'll need to either zoom in or stretch the video to fill the showcase, which either brings about loss of value or mutilated edges. A third choice is to see pictures and recordings in their local arrangements, however you'll wind up with letterboxing, with secret elements on the two sides of the casing.

Modern courtesies

As far as ergonomics, the IPS board can be tilted upwards and downwards, yet like most different AIOs, the screen can't be raised or brought down, nor would it be able to swivel for progressively open to review points. These constraints will probably imply that the Envy AIO should be set up front around your work area, as you can't put it off to the side and pivot the presentation as you would with an independent screen. In any case, given the Envy Curved AIO 34's attractive style, it truly deserves its spot in your work area, notwithstanding.

Be that as it may, the Envy AIO isn't just about processing. Alongside a HDMI yield port on the back to interface a second show for a much increasingly vivid experience, there's additionally a HDMI input port. The video input port will enable you to connect a media spilling stick or a game comfort and use the 34-inch board for non-processing errands. You'll need to hit a catch the back to change to the video input feed, yet this is a helpful component for cramped spaces, similar to apartments, as you won't require a different HDTV to associate with a game support.

It ought to be noticed that neither touch nor pen input is upheld on the Envy Curved AIO 34's presentation. On the off chance that you need a touchscreen, you'll need to step down to HP's $1,199 Envy AIO 27, which has a similar structure as the bended 34 model, yet accompanies a level 27-inch QHD show that supports contact. Another update that this variation gives is that it very well may be designed with a progressively current Intel ninth Gen Core i7-9700T processor for a premium.

Given that the most recent harvest of Apple's iPhone and Android cell phones accompany support for remote charging, it is beginning to feel old when you need to go after a link to finish off during the center of a workday. In case you're sufficiently blessed to claim the Envy Curved AIO 34, this PC accompanies a Qi remote charging cushion incorporated with the left-hand side of the base. In addition to the fact that this frees your work area from unattractive charging links, yet it additionally makes it increasingly advantageous to snatch your telephone and hurry to your next gathering without yanking the power rope out.

On the right-hand side of the base inverse to the remote charging cushion is an iPod-roused scroll wheel intended for volume control. In spite of the fact that you can change the volume in programming on Windows 10 and by utilizing the capacity fastens on the included console, having the devoted parchment wheel makes it snappy and advantageous. The component additionally raises this present PC's motivation as a device for media utilization, a characteristic fit given how fresh sound sounds with a decent lot of left-and right-channel speaker disengagement on the B&O-tuned soundbar.

Ports are in abundance on the Envy Curved AIO 34, so you ought to have the option to promptly connect any peripherals or extras you need. Notwithstanding the pair of HDMI ports on the back – one for video input and the second for video yield — you'll likewise discover four USB-A ports, an Ethernet jack, and a locking port, should this work area be utilized in an office or workroom. These ports are progressively appropriate for increasingly changeless embellishments, similar to outer drives and printers, as the back situation makes it cumbersome to attempt to arrive at given the bigger by and large stature of the Envy Curved AIO 34 and the way that the presentation doesn't swivel. In case you're attempting to connect a glimmer crash rapidly into the back, you're truly doing it aimlessly just by feel.

Luckily, on this most recent age, the power button has been moved from the back of the earlier model to the correct champagne gold-conditioned side board towards the back. In spite of the fact that the situation makes the power button simpler to come to, the thin shape and the manner in which it sits flush with the side board still makes it harder to situate by feel alone. As an afterthought, going with the power button, is a USB-C port, another USB-A port, memory card opening, and combo sound jack. On the off chance that you depend on swapping different blaze drives, outer drives, or associating different frill, you might need to put resources into a USB-C center point to make port openness simpler and not on the grounds that you're lacking in ports.

In the engine

This year, the Envy Curved AIO 34 is fueled by Intel's eighth gen processors. The section level Envy Curved AIO 34 highlights a Core i5-8400T processor, while our redesigned $1,699 survey unit ships with a superior Core i7-8700T silicon including six centers timed at 2.4 GHz. This ought to give a lot of capacity to basic registering assignments, incorporating web perusing with various tabs opened, dealing with moderate photograph altering, and performing multiple tasks with Microsoft Office applications.

This work area will feel similarly as normal in a C-suite as it would on the work area of an incredible creator.

Despite the fact that the Envy Curved AIO 34 offers a comparative eighth gen processor to HP's Omen Obelisk, the AIO utilizes a lower 35-watt Intel silicon contrasted with the 65-watt upheld by the gaming framework, and this shows in the presentation. The Envy AIO's single-center and multi-center outcomes, when benchmarked with the Geekbench 4 apparatus, was somewhat not as much as that of the Omen Obelisk, and the two PCs trailed behind top of the line frameworks with more up to date ninth gen Intel processors. The more grounded multi-center score on the Origin PC Neuron, which ships with the ninth gen Core i9-9900K CPU proposes that the more current processors will be more qualified for multi-strung work processes and taking care of bigger illustrations and rendering documents.

In any case, don't give the more fragile scores a chance to propose that the Envy AIO is a sluggard. In actuality, most clients won't see any log jams. Applications immediately propelled and our Office documents opened decisively. Where the exhibition contrast shows is with media rendering, and the eighth gen silicon was more slow in our Handbrake 4K video encoding test than its more up to date partner, requiring 127 seconds contrasted with the 82 seconds required by the Origin PC Chronos, which comes outfitted with an Intel Core i9-9900K. For most office or home registering assignments, the Envy AIO was more than ready to keep up.

Our overhauled audit unit highlights 16GB of RAM and an expedient Samsung 256GB NVMe M.2 design strong state drive just as an auxiliary 2TB hard drive for extra stockpiling.

While the SSD was rapid, we wished HP offered a 512GB choice, as the partner SATA hard drive best out at 5,400 RPM, making information get to somewhat slow thought about quicker 7,200 RPM drives. Luckily, however, you can redesign the memory and capacity rather effectively. HP gives some instructional recordings on evacuating the base plate on the base of the Envy Curved AIO 34, which will give you access to the two M.2 spaces, enabling clients to either include a second SSD or supplant the current drive in case of a glitch.

Not a gaming machine

Gamers might be attracted to the Envy Curved AIO 34 because of its huge and incorporated showcase, yet this PC isn't intended for overwhelming gaming. Regardless of the screen being the superstar on the Envy AIO, the constrained presentation of the provided illustrations will keep down this work area from speaking to a more extensive group of spectators — including creatives and fans. In spite of the fact that the current year's model advantages from a progressively fit discrete GPU — moving from a GTX 950M from its ancestor to all the more dominant GTX 1050 illustrations — it is still no counterpart for increasingly able gaming work areas outfitted with Nvidia's very good quality RTX 2080 designs card. Nonetheless, the incorporation of discrete GTX 1050 designs here guarantees that the Envy AIO can be utilized for easygoing 1080p and light inventive work, and the provided GPU helps the Envy AIO coordinate the presentation on contending frameworks, similar to Dell's Inspiron 27 7000 AIO and beat the incorporated UHD Graphics 620 on Lenovo's AIO 730S.

Utilizing Underwriter Laboratories' 3D Mark Time Spy designs test, the GTX 1050 card checked in at 2,955 points. This presentation places it behind the GTX 1070 card on Microsoft's Surface Studio 2, which scored 5,215. Contrasted with the RTX 2080's 9,240, the Envy AIO's realistic exhibition is around 33% of the HP Omen Obelisk.

The manufactured benchmark results outline a decent picture of what gamers can expect with the GTX 1050 designs on present day titles. Games with lighter illustrations request, as Fortnite, won't have any issues, with outline rates reliably well over 60 FPS, considerably under "Epic" game settings and at higher 2K goals. In spite of the fact that the Envy AIO's 68 FPS when played in 1440p goals and with Epic mode empowered is barely short of a large portion of the 131 FPS execution of the RTX 2080 designs on the Origin PC Neuron, the game performed well, and we didn't see any faltering or roughness.

Games with additionally requesting designs, similar to Battlefield V, Civilization VI, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey performed fine at lower 1080p goals however dropped casings turned out to be truly perceptible in 1440p, particularly at higher game settings. Likely, you'll need to either tune down the game subtleties or utilize a lower goals to get progressively solid execution on the GTX 1050.

HP Envy Curved 34

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

War zone V and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, two of the most GPU burdening titles that we test, performed at under the ideal 60 FPS even at 1080p goals. While the Envy AIO's 55 FPS execution at 1080p under medium settings was entirely playable in Battlefield V, Assassin's Creed Odyssey was less sympathetic, and there was a lot of slack in spite of the 49 FPS execution at 1080p goals under high settings.

With higher game settings and higher goals, execution immediately dropped off, and Assassin's Creed played at only 33 FPS on 1440p with ultra settings. With Nvidia's leader RTX 2080 Ti illustrations, the Origin Neuron conveyed generally twofold the exhibition with similar settings at 77 FPS.

The presentation edge between the RTX 2080 Ti and the GTX 1050 turns out to be increasingly evident when playing Civilization VI. Despite the fact that the title's less requesting designs necessity makes it playable through the most elevated setting we tried, which is ultra at 1440p, the casing rate execution of the GTX card is generally only 33% that of the RTX 2080 Ti on the Neuron.

While the Neuron performed at 142 FPS, the Envy AIO just conveyed 44 FPS here. Notwithstanding the lower execution in outline rate, the game was playable with just periodic roughness. At 1080p with medium subtleties, the Envy AIO had no issue keeping up, conveying 56 FPS, and the exhibition proposes that easygoing gamers will have the option to play most titles with no perceptible execution hits at 1080p goals.

Creatives working with bigger media documents will need to take a gander at frameworks with more grounded designs potential, similar to Microsoft's Surface Studio 2, which can be arranged with better GTX 1070 illustrations and accompany a touchscreen that supports advanced inking.


For shopper PCs, HP offers a standard one-year constrained equipment arrangement, and this applies the Envy Curved AIO 34. HP additionally offers 90 days of telephone support and complimentary visit support during the guarantee time frame should any issues happen. Similarly as with all PCs HP sells, you can likewise move up to a service contract with the acquisition of the Envy AIO. An all-encompassing two-year guarantee that incorporates unplanned harm security adds $399 to the expense of your buy.

HP additionally offers a three-year maintenance agreement at a similar cost, however this choice does exclude inclusion for incidental harm. In case you're not very ungainly, the three-year plan without unintentional insurance is a lot, considering HP offers a 100% cash back discount on the off chance that you don't make any fix claims during the inclusion time frame.

Despite the fact that HP's all-encompassing inclusion is like the discretionary strategies that a portion of its biggest opponents in the PC business offer, the plans are on the pricier side. Lenovo offers its three-year service agreement inclusion with on location support if issues can't be settled via telephone for just $63 in the event that you buy the IdeaCentre AIO 730S, making the all-encompassing inclusion increasingly reasonable. Opponent Dell offers a considerably longer four-year guarantee alternative that spreads equipment and programming bolster just as incidental harm inclusion. In case you're not very wise with your PC, Dell additionally offers a discretionary home PC arrangement choice to assist you with beginning.

Our Take

There are a lot of room sparing across the board work areas to look over — and many match the presentation of this $1,699 work area — however none accompany a splendidly enormous ultra-wide bended showcase that will — regardless — submerge you into your spreadsheets, PDFs, and Office archives at work.

Given that most strong ultra-wide bended screens in a similar screen size retail for around $700 — like Samsung's $750 CF791 or Alienware's equivalently estimated gaming screen retails for $850 — separating the HP Envy Curved AIO from its 34-inch board implies that the PC costs just $1,000. This is an able similarity, given that you can utilize the HDMI input port to associate a Xbox to HP's AIO, making this an adaptable work area arrangement for work and play for those with constrained space. The Envy Curved AIO 34 stands apart from the group with its unparalleled plan.

Is there a superior other option?

In the event that you couldn't care less about the monstrous 34-inch UWQHD show or HP's mid-century present day roused feel, there are a lot of AIOs available that convey comparative execution as the Envy Curved AIO 34. Dell's Inspiron 27 7000 arrangement begins at a more spending plan companion

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